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September progress report on translations

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 10/06/2015 08:59:19
Hello translators,

At Odoo we have been quite busy working on the release of the version 9 
but so have you!
It is great to see that the version 9 is already fully translated in 
Dutch. They have been doing a very impressive job, congratulation to them!

Of course they are not the only one and other teams have already reached 
a nice progress before the release, as of today 9 teams are already over 

1.  99.69% (26679 terms) Dutch
2.  61.23% (16386 terms) Portuguese
3.  57.40% (15359 terms) Hungarian
4.  56.00% (14987 terms) French
5.  55.90% (14959 terms) Spanish
6.  54.53% (14591 terms) Macedonian
7.  51.14% (13685 terms) German
8.  50.87% (13613 terms) Slovenian
9.  50.83% (13601 terms) Polish
10. 49.90% (13355 terms) Chinese

The weekly synchronisation of terms has been activated so that all the 
reviewed terms are added every Sunday.

Also, I use this status to remind a few things:

You can create issues on terms to reports problems if a string is 
unclear or not properly written. As we have released 9 as stable, the 
source terms will no longer change (or we will try to minimise the 
impact), the reported issues will be corrected in MASTER version (not v8 
or 9). The reason we do this is to avoid breaking existing translations 
(if we change the source, we would loose the existing translations made 
on Transifex).
We are looking into a way to still fix typos and unclear string in 
stable version. I believe, the easiest would be to create an en_US 
translation so English speakers would see the fixed term but it would 
not affect translators. Suggestions welcome.

Other reminder: when translating localised versions of a language (e.g. 
fr_CA is the Canadian variation of the "master" fr language), you only 
translate the terms that differ from the "master" language. This way 
Odoo will be smart and use the term from 'fr' for those not present in 
'fr_CA'. You can of course translate again with the same verb a term but 
we don't recommend it as it would make harder to maintain the 
translations (bigger files, need to correct the errors in several 
languages,...). The only drawback of that approach is that Transifex do 
not display the terms of the parent language in the interface so your 
localised language seems incomplete.

Finally, if you wish to add a new language, don't hesitate to get in 
touch with me.

Let us know if you have questions or suggestions to improve


Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)