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Re: Odoo Glossary: Dummy Module for Translations

Vadis S.A., Eric Geens
- 09/25/2015 04:47:51

One of the features I find very helpful is the concordance search; it helps you at least to have a consistent translation throughout the apps.
But indeed, the absence of the context can lead to strange results. And combined with "split" strings it could lead to very awkward translations (e.g. Wrong grammar in translated language, loss of meaning, etc…)
The consistency in the original en_us language is not always at best (e.g. Journal entry / journal item), which is troublesome for correct translations.

To my humble opinion I think we should :
- review and clean the base terms in English (I guess some terms are also already obsolete…)
- provide a (base) glossary and context so the quality of the translations will improve
- run the translation in a live environment (runbot is maybe not the best choice for this, a dummy module would be a better option)

 I would be happy to work together with anyone who takes initiative to improve the quality of translations.
Together with the overall lay-out and the navigation, it is one of the main things that are immediately linked to the user experience.

Kind regards,


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Yes, some terms and sentences are not correct but the main difficulty is
the absence of the context. It would be very comfortable to translate the term
on Odoo running itself, I mean from real windows.

A feature as the possibility to change the english text would be nice also.


Le 24/09/2015 20:27, Ray Carnes a écrit :
<blockquote cite="mid:008a01d0f6f2$4132a120$c397e360$" type="cite">



Native English speakers have not ratified many terms in Odoo and as a results other translations suffer because they are translating terms that aren’t correct and en_us is not translatable since it is the foundation for other translations.



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The problem is that there are fundamental and important terms, which
need to be consistently translated, and to do this, it needs discussion
and finally a decision by somebody, who is in power to do that, means a


Just as an example: the term "Analytical Accounting" (for sure an
essential term), which is translated already in V8.0 as
"Kostenstellenrechnung", which when translated back in english means
"Cost Center Accounting" and that's for sure something else, see the
following discussion:


It would be much more convenient and efficient to translate these
important terms for once and (maybe) ever in a controlled environment.


On 24.09.2015 16:38, Martin Trigaux wrote:


> I agree the glossary is not very well developed but I am not sure to 
> understand what you wish to do.
> What additional information would you provide? Are you talking about on 
> Odoo module?
> -- 
> Martin Trigaux
> Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)


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