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Re: Odoo Glossary: Dummy Module for Translations

Ermin Trevisan
- 09/25/2015 03:20:58
I'm thinking of one (or more) dummy module(s), which does not contain
any code, but simply all the fundamental and important Odoo terms in a
form which is editable using Transifex and should contain "glossary" in
its name. I could also imagine of creating such a dummy module for each
Odoo app. Such a module should contain terms and sentences (and
predefined domains) such as:

- analytical accounting
- analytic account
- post
- delivery note
- ticket type
- subscription
- lot
- batch
- variant
- follower
- vote
- discussions of issues like this:

- and so on.

We could even create a dummy language such as "source review" to discuss
and improve the source terms and sentences.

Once the translations are approved, they could be transferred to the
project's glossary.

Cheers, trevi

On 24.09.2015 16:38, Martin Trigaux wrote:

> I agree the glossary is not very well developed but I am not sure to 
> understand what you wish to do.
> What additional information would you provide? Are you talking about on 
> Odoo module?

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