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Odoo Translation August Progress

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 08/26/2015 09:05:30
Hello Translators,

This is probably the last Odoo 8.0 translation status I am doing. Not because we are stopping but because we will soon start translating Odoo 9.0! (actually we have started exporting them) Communication coming soon about that!

"Measuring translation progress by word counts is like measuring aircraft building progress by weight."
   ~~ almost Bill Gates

The following metrics are of course a naive evaluation of the internationalisation state of Odoo but it still gives a rough idea. The activity on Transifex has slowed down a bit this month, 100.000 words have been translated (which is still great, don't get me wrong). This can be explained by the summer holidays for some of you or simply the fact that many languages have been completed or are close to do so.

The previous top 10 language teams progress being not enough, let's check the top 15 !

Most advanced languages
1. 100.0%    (21636 terms) Spanish (20)
2. 99.94%    (21622 terms) Chinese (58)
3. 99.85%    (21604 terms) Slovenian (2)
4. 99.69%    (21568 terms) Dutch (9)
5. 97.15%    (21020 terms) Turkish (15
6. 93.58%    (20247 terms) German (16)
7. 92.43%    (19998 terms) Portuguese (Brazil) (27)
8. 89.0%    (19257 terms) Portuguese (15)
9. 87.8%    (18997 terms) Hungarian (6)
10. 85.39%    (18476 terms) Macedonian (5)
11. 84.17%    (18211 terms) Korean (4)
12. 84.12%    (18200 terms) Romanian (8)
13. 81.92%    (17724 terms) Mongolian (5)
14. 81.51%    (17636 terms) French (73)
15. 81.23%    (17576 terms) Russian (18)

As the previous ranking of a team is a bit less interesting at this level (getting over 90% is probably only translating remaining demo data or localisations), so instead I put next to the language, the number of members in the team.
You can see that Slovenian fully translated Odoo with only 2 members. Korean team did also an impressive job of going from 48 to 84% in two months with only 4 people.

And let's see the most active teams:
Best progress
+4474 terms    Korean
+3429 terms    Chinese
+2705 terms    Spanish (Argentina)
+2686 terms    Spanish (Dominican Republic)
+1403 terms    Ukrainian
+1329 terms    Finish
+893 terms    French
+743 terms    Portuguese (Brazil)
+426 terms    Arabic
+161 terms    Japanese

Last but not least, we are still looking for people motivated to manage and/or translate the terms in the following orphan languages:
English (United Kingdom) (en_GB)
French (Belgium) (fr_BE)
French (Switzerland) (fr_CH)
Latvian (lv)
Serbian (sr)
Slovak (sk)
Spanish (Chile) (es_CL)
Spanish (Ecuador) (es_EC)
Spanish (Panama) (es_PA)
Spanish (Paraguay) (es_PY)
Thai (th)
Afrikaans (af)
Albanian (sq)
Amharic (am)
Armenian (hy)
Basque (eu)
Bengali (bn)
Icelandic (is)
Kazakh (kk)
Lingala (ln)
Spanish (Bolivia) (es_BO)
Spanish (Costa Rica) (es_CR)
Spanish (Uruguay) (es_UY)
Telugu (te)

If you are interested to join the effort, I invite you to check

If you wish to become a coordinator or reviewer to manage a team language, please contact me (email me directly or mart_e on Transifex).

Thank you all for your work and let's make a new status for Odoo 9.0 very soon!


Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)