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Odoo Translation July Progress

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 07/30/2015 12:13:15
Hello translators,

As we are getting to the end of July, it's nice to see that the warmer days (at least for the northern countries) didn't stop the translation effort.
In July, we got 144,000 translated words submitted. That's the equivalent of a full translation every month! (Odoo containing 135k words to translate). At this speed, the number of completed language should grow quickly.

Talking about numbers, let's see this month's new top 10 with progression!

Most advanced languages:
1. 99.95%    (21624 terms) Spanish
2. 99.67%    (21564 terms) Slovenian (+1)
3. 99.65%    (21559 terms) Dutch (-1)
4. 96.94%    (20974 terms) Turkish (+2)
5. 93.66%    (20264 terms) German (-1)
6. 89.09%    (19275 terms) Portuguese (-1)
7. 89.0%    (19255 terms) Portuguese (Brazil) (new!)
8. 87.77%    (18989 terms) Hungarian (-1)
9. 85.41%    (18478 terms) Macedonian (-1)
10. 84.1%    (18194 terms) Romanian (-1)

If we set a, totally arbitrary, goal of 99% to consider a translation as "completed", we can consider Odoo is fully translated in 3 languages, Spanish, Slovenian and Dutch! Hopefully, Turkish and German will be done as well next month :-)
The 100% is hard to reach as we are from time to time (hopefully not too often) fixing some missing terms.

As getting close to completion is good, let's not forget the actives languages with the most progress since last report:
+3276 terms    Korean
+2929 terms    Kabyle
+2857 terms    Chinese
+1986 terms    Turkish
+1673 terms    Portuguese (Brazil)
+1297 terms    Slovenian
+575 terms    French
+550 terms    Finish
+426 terms    Swedish
+296 terms    Arabic

As a side note, the French translation team reached the impressing size of 60 contributors! That's only 82 terms per person to complete the translation ;-)

Thank you all and let's make the a new status end of August !

Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)