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Re: 1 month on Transifex

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 06/25/2015 04:44:06
On 25/06/15 07:06, Kitti U. wrote:
> We have done most of the big module PO file translation of Odoo 7.0
> internally via Goole Translation,
> And we have been using it for some of our projects. These PO files
> should be good enough for normal use of Odoo (i.e., trading).
> Can we send those PO files to you to start off for Thai project? Or we
> can do it ourselves?

We don't encourage automatic translations but it can be used as a basis
for the work.

Once you have joined Thai team on Transifex, you can use the tx
client[1] to make a global push. You may use our .tx/config file[2].
Once you have added all your po files into Odoo source directory (inside
the /i18n/ folders), you can make a global push of all Thai[3] translations:

$ tx push -l th

or for one specific resource

$ tx push -l th -r "odoo-8.account"

These translations will be added as unreviewed so you will need to
confirm them. If pushing machine-generated translations is ok, please
check them during review part so that only valid terms are actually
synchronised into Odoo.


[3] if you want to push for other languages, just replace 'th' by your
language code ('nl', 'pt',...)

Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)