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Re: 1 month on Transifex

S. Edelman
- 06/24/2015 13:34:19

Besides being a developer in a company and using also Odoo, I’m a native teacher of Finnish language. 
Maybe I can join / coordinate a team for Finnish? How do we proceed?

Kindest regards,

On Jun 24, 2015, at 6:25 PM, Martin Trigaux <> wrote:

Hello translators,

One month ago, we have migrated our translation system from Launchpad to
Transifex. Quickly the teams were recreated and everybody migrated from
the new system.

We now translate Odoo in 79 languages and with 257 people working on the
translation of the project.

We are very pleased to see that the migration boosted the motivation of
some teams (due to the better tool?) and some languages have greatly
improved their progression. For instance, Hebrew, Czech, Ukrainian,
Norwegian, Greek and Korean have improved by at least 20%[1] in version 8.0.

The current top 10 for 8.0 version (reviewed terms only) is:
99.76% (21580 terms) Spanish
99.66% (21559 terms) Dutch
93.69% (20267 terms) Slovenian
93.54% (20234 terms) German
88.60% (19166 terms) Portuguese
87.78% (18988 terms) Turkish
87.74% (18979 terms) Hungarian
84.76% (18336 terms) Macedonian
83.05% (17965 terms) Romanian
81.99% (17735 terms) Mongolian

Congratulation to these teams, let's see which team reaches first the 100%!

While some teams have many people (there is 35 French, 33 Chinese, 16
Arabic, 15 Germans and 14 Spanish translators), some other teams lack of

The following teams have no coordinators or reviewers[2]:
- Catalan (ca)
- English (United Kingdom) (en_GB)
- Estonian (et)
- French (Belgium) (fr_BE)
- Gujarati (gu)
- Hindi (hi)
- Spanish (Panama) (es_PA)
- Spanish (Paraguay) (es_PY)
- Spanish (Peru) (es_PE)

and the following languages are even orphan of any translators:
- Afrikaans (af)
- Albanian (sq)
- Amharic (am)
- Armenian (hy)
- Basque (eu)
- Bengali (bn)
- French (Switzerland) (fr_CH)
- Georgian (ka)
- Icelandic (is)
- Kazakh (kk)
- Latvian (lv)
- Lingala (ln)
- Serbian (sr)
- Slovak (sk)
- Spanish (Bolivia) (es_BO)
- Spanish (Chile) (es_CL)
- Spanish (Costa Rica) (es_CR)
- Spanish (Ecuador) (es_EC)
- Spanish (Uruguay) (es_UY)
- Telugu (te)
- Thai (th)

If you are interested to manage a team, don't hesitate to get in touch
with us. Anybody can join a team but we need to manually promote you as

We also accept the creation of new languages if you are up to the task
(for instance, somebody started translating Odoo alone in Kabyle a few
months ago and he is now at a nice 54%), but please get in touch with us.
Remember than we use the global language instead of the variation of the
country. We have Portuguese (pt) team instead of Portuguese-Portugal
(pt_PO), but we accept regional variations such as Portuguese-Brazil

Keep up the good work and don't hesitate to join the effort!


[1] To be fully honest, importing the terms to Transifex made already
some automatic matching and improved all translations at various level.
But still great work to these teams.
[2] Translated terms needs to be reviewed before getting integrated into
Odoo in our weekly synchronisations. Only reviewers or coordinators can
do so.

Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)

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