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Re: 'Unreviewed strings' from Launchpad

Olivier Dony (odo)
- 06/08/2015 05:13:41
On 06/07/2015 10:57 AM, Ralf Hilgenstock_eledia wrote:
> Hello
> can anybody tell me what happenede with strings that were unreviewed in
> Launchpad after migration to Transifex.

They were not commited by LP into the translation branches, so they could not 
be imported during the migration to Transifex.

But they're not really deleted yet. The Launchpad translations are still 
available if you directly go to the right URL. For example the German 
translations are here:

You should still be able to review/approve them, and download the result as a 
PO, using the "Download translation" link that appears on top of the 
translations for each module. For example for the German "account" module:

Using Transifex's "tx" client you should then be able to mass-push the 
translations to Have a look at our translations FAQ for more 
info on the latter: