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Re: Migration to Transifex

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 05/22/2015 05:40:03
On 21/05/15 21:43, Ray Carnes - Implementation Strategy wrote:
> Will the policy of not accepting translation of the base language (US
> English) still be in place?
> In the past the only way to correct grammatical errors in the base
> language was with a pull request – will this still be the case?
> (More native US English speakers technical able to contribute via
> translation than through github).

We still prefer to fix the English issues in the master data instead of
doing so in the translations (which would be hiding the mistake and
duplication of terms).

GitHub has a good web interface that allows you to submit changes
without any knowledge of git. I know it still requires to know where it
should be changed but it should be easier than when the code was on
Or, just a tough, if still too technical, English speakers could create
a github issue with "[english]" in title so more technical users could
easily spot them and create PR.

Martin Trigaux
Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)