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Automatic tests/tutorials in Odoo

- 11/26/2014 13:14:06
Hi all,

I have just finished watching the talk of Gery Debongnie during the first day of the OpenDays 2014, which presented a new way to automatically test Odoo, and to propose interactive tutorials to users.

For reference, below are the corresponding links:
    video on youtube (at 6h49)

This talk was given in June 2014, and at the end, Gery was saying that so far only testing/tutorials of the website was supported, and that the backend modules testing (the addons) was really really close to be ready for use.
I am not working on the website, so I am not really interested about it, but I am really excited by the possibility to test my own modules simulating user inputs!

So my question is : do you have any news on the backend modules support? Will it be included with Odoo 9? Is it already possible to use it?

I have searched the web, but apart from the talk video, and the slides, I haven't found anything, and it doesn't seem like many people began using it.

Thanks for your answers,