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"hooks" and inheritance

- 11/13/2014 09:53:13
Hi all. Warning: first post by fresh newbie.

I'm trying to extend Odoo to perform some actions when a calendar item is added/modified/deleted.

Being used to the Good Old-Fashioned Way To Do Things (TM), I immediately went looking for hooks, but soon found out that the accepted practice is to extend the object, OO fashion.
Which is cool.

My question is: suppose I make a module M1 extending base class A, and someone else has a module M2 extending base class B.
What if a user wants to have the functionalities both of A and B? Is it possible?

If I understood correctly, I'd say I'd have to make M1 on top of M2, and not of A, in order for that to work.
But then it would not work without M1...

Sorry, probably a really silly question :)