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Re: [Openerp-i18n-french] hello and question about translation

- 11/13/2014 08:14:17
Le 13/11/2014 13:02, Nicolas PLEE a écrit :
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Sorry Lionel, 
I'm writing from my dying iPhone and sent my email without noticing it...

I'd be glad to help but 3 questions :
1. Translating directly in the launchpad is pretty slow. Considering I did the translations on a csv file for my own use in Odoo v8, is there any way to use this by importing it in launchpad or somewhere else?
Maybe that can help you:
But translating on LP is still the best because it lets you use translations from other projects/users/languages as suggestions.
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2. How does it come that the same expressions need to be translated again with each new version ?
Identical strings do share the same translation across all versions since v6, but there is no notion of "fuzzy" change (typo, punctuation-only changes, ...), and no notion of "expression" (partial match).
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3. I think it would be quite interesting to integrate in Odoo the ability to aggregate automatically new translations that are made in each Odoo instance to group them.
Yes but for the moment no silver bullet has been found. I read Launchpad will soon be replaced with something else, wait and see.
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I believe a lot of people translate terms in Odoo but never add them to the launchpad. It looks like a waste of energy that could be easily used to improve translations and reduce the time needed to accomplish it.
Just beat them to death! Uh? sorry! I mean, educate them and direct them to Launchpad.
Really, the process we set up for translations, with reviews and strict rules, has given pretty good results using very limited resources.
On the other hand, importing translations from random people (even people from Odoo SA who actually wrote the software) has almost always resulted in poor translation quality.
Basically for good community work, the tool is not the important thing: it's the community.