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Re: Browse() vs read() performance in Odoo 8

MONK Software, Leonardo Donelli
- 11/10/2014 10:59:14
2014-11-06 14:42 GMT+01:00 Nicolas SCHMITT <>:
> But still I was keeping wondering why there are very few discussions about
> this in the Internet, and usually questions in the forums are left without
> any answers, keeping one wondering whether read() may indeed be faster than
> browse().

You could create a question on with your original
question, and then auto answer yourself citing Fabien's answer. This
way more people will be able to see this dicussion ( is
more used and known, and better ranked on Google than this maling list
You could also then add the questions and answer as how-to, in
developers section.

if you do it, be sure to post it here so that we can upvote it. (it's
a good question/answer).