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Re: Deploying Odoo on 2 servers

Callino Software Engineering, Wolfgang Pichler
- 11/03/2014 03:11:15
Hi all,

from my experience with a  larger installation, i can propose that you should tune your postgresql database schema a little bit. Odoo does not seem to make always proper use of indexes. So adding some extra indexes on the database does help a lot. Especially Odoo does a lot of LIKE %VALUE% Searches. This type of search does make normal BTREE based indexes helpless, you have to activate Trigram Indexes for this type of searches.

Just adding more processing power will also help, but it does often not help as much as searching for the real bottleneck you have…


Am 03.11.2014 um 08:57 schrieb Timo Goosen <>:

Load balancing you can probably use something like this:

Nginx reverse ssl proxy --> varnish --> odoo

Two things to consider. Odoo/openerp's performance is very much dependant on the
speed of postgresql. But you also want to load balance the traffic to defend against denial of service attacks
etc. So think about postgresql performance and think of normal load balancing for http/https server.

I'm not that familiar with replication, but if you are running lots of reports
then you want to consider replication.

You might want to think about connection pooling too.,_Clustering,_and_Connection_Pooling

Also kinda relevant:

On 03/11/2014 02:37, Franz Bautista wrote:
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">

In server management especially on a large scale setup, the "ideal" is really 1 server per "function".

In a normal network, 1 application server, 1 database server, 1 domain server etc. All this means to
"prevent" major downtimes. Each server to house only what it is designed to do.

1) Definitely you can have Odoo apps running on 1 server and the database running on the other
but you would have to manually set this up to "point" the App to the database as I have not seen
in the setup that this can be done. I may be wrong, but normally with other applications this can be done.

2) Load balancing, am not clear what you need. If you are concerned about traffic then separating
the app from the database will not do much since your users will still access 1 box. Another
way to do it is setup 2 servers as a cluster and install the app on that cluster, then the load
will be distributed between this 2 servers. is this what you want?

Hope this give you ideas.


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On Mon, Nov 3, 2014 at 2:02 AM, John Pia Jr <> wrote:


I am looking for a semi simple means of deployed odoo on 2 servers. One for the front end the other for postgres.

Is there a simple means of accomplishing this?

My underlying reason may not even require this, so I'll explain .

We will have about 60-80 users, with a total erp system deployment (accounting, purchasing, sales, WHMS, some HR).

Assuming I have a powerful server ( dual 8core 2.8g xeons with 64 GB ram ) would I be able to run at least 40 concurrent connection without a slow down on the server?.

I have heard of people deploying the front end on one box and see ding the data to another box in order to balance the load.

I am looking for some advice here so please have at it.

Thanks all.

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