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Product.website_description HTML editor and fine tuning of product description

Maxim Litnitskiy
- 10/13/2014 03:07:48
Hi dear Odoo Community!
I am trying to tune product description using HTML editor.
As it's not always possible to use drag&drop to get what  you need.
In this case I am used to edit page in HTML editor and manually reorder divs and define div structure and look & feel.
I cannot do the same with product because there is no choice in HTML editor to edit product description.
In template there is just one line -
Anyone can give a hint how to customize it?
For now I just added a new field website_description in notebook page under description_sale  in Odoo form view for product and can edit HTML there.
But it is not consistent doing some of design work in website and some in Odoo regular view and also is not handy.
Please advise.