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Re: Configuration settings - creates a new record every time.

- 09/29/2014 10:16:34
Hi Nhormar,

I just wanted to point out that *maybe*, you should not referer to objects by a hard ID in xml files, but use the corresponding XML reference.

My connection is quite slow and cloning a new repository takes a very long time. So I try to keep it low.

Nevertheless, if I can, I'll do it.

Best wishes,

Le 27/09/14 00:55, Nhomar Hernandez a écrit :
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">


Instead discuss, why don’t you make an PR and discuss on github?

I honestly can’t understand as simple as your explanation because they look a little subjective, but yes may be you are right but the most efficient way in make a PR make your point on github and link to list if you think is necessary.

Most of us which read code can help you better there.

El 26/09/2014, a las 23:52, Manuel Vázquez <> escribió:

    <field name="res_id" ref="your_res_id_xml_id"/>

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