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Re: Configuration settings - creates a new record every time.

- 09/26/2014 23:46:18
Le 26/09/14 09:39, Maxim Litnitskiy a écrit :
<blockquote cite="" type="cite">
        <record id="asterisk_server_settings" model="ir.actions.act_window">
            <field name="name">Asterisk Dialer</field>
            <field name="type">ir.actions.act_window</field>
            <field name="res_model">asterisk.server.settings</field>
            <field name="view_id" ref="view_asterisk_server_settings"/>
            <field name='view_type'>form</field>
            <field name="view_mode">form</field>
            <field name="target">inline</field>
<field name="res_id">1</field>
I'm not an expert, but it would not be best to this:

    <field name="res_id" ref="your_res_id_xml_id"/>