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Re: assert_equals in yaml python blocks

Camptocamp SA, Nicolas Bessi
- 09/25/2014 06:54:43

After having a look at:

We can see that nose only expose unittest.TestCase assertion method and is is done with 10 lines.
Maybe we can take that code back in Odoo providing a helper addons or whatever instead of adding nose as a dependency.

My two cents


2014-09-25 12:02 GMT+02:00 Leonardo Pistone <>:
OK, thanks!

On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 11:17 AM, Leonardo "LeartS" Donelli
<> wrote:
> So my position is:
>  * in favour of adding nose to travis
>  * in favour of using it in tests if one wants to
>  * not in favour of adding it as module dependency in
> who's running the tests will figure out the ImportError and install
> nose. Maybe aided by a comment or a log message if we really think
> developers won't understand what "the problem" is.

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