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Re: Multistage imports best practices and examples.

Daniel Reis
- 09/24/2014 04:26:40
> Is there's any best practice example about this kind of import that
> takes several "wizards" passing data between them.  Data that would
> ultimately be deleted and only remain the effect the last wizard window.
Looks like the perfect job for an ETL tool:
Your data is read by an "input" step, from whatever source you need, and 
flows through a series of "transformation" steps, until it's in the 
proper form to "load" into the destination.

You might want to try Pentaho Kettle: it's quite user friendly and 
includes OpenERP input and output steps out of the box: see

For version 8.0 there is a currently a regression bug with the load() 
method, but you can find a fix here:

Only disadvantage is that it isn't able to handle ExternalIDs, so I 
wrote a "polyfill" to overcome that. I should write a blog post 
explaining with a friendly explanation on it, but you can find the 
module here:

Daniel Reis