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Re: How to run tests?

Leonardo Pistone
- 09/17/2014 11:58:25
> I installed the module in the DB, but the same results after installation.
> Do I need to install the module in a DB to be testable?

Yes, it needs to be installed to be tested. You can either do that via
the interface, or with "-i module_name" before the test run.

So to delete the database and run the tests on a fresh one (a good
idea in any case):

dropdb dbname
createdb dbname

./openerp-server --addons-path=x,y,z -d dbname -i mymodule --stop-after-init
./openerp-server --addons-path=x,y,z -d dbname -u mymodule
--stop-after-init --test-enable --log-level=test # or