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Odoo Being Updated to follow WCAG2?

Brandon Biggs
- 10/24/2016 06:01:26
I am wondering what work has been done to make Odoo WCAG compliant?
In the U.S. it is against the law for governmental institutions to use tools that are not WCAG2 compliant. This means that none of the state, community or government funded institutions (pretty much all non profit educational institutions in the U.S.) are not able to use anything that is not accessible to disabled users.
There is also a very big law proposal called the European Accessibility Act as part of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in the EU:
So, having a product that follows WCAG2 is rather important.

I have been going through Odoo with a screen reader and it is not compliant. But, it is very close. 90% of the issues I saw was the mishandling of HTML. For screen readers, HTML is super important.
For example, on most places where a <input type="text"> the <label from="..."> is matched with the edit field's name when it should be with the id.
There are also lots of buttons that are unlabeled and at the bottom of the Odoo's website, the built by links don't have any real text in them.

There was a form post last year on this, but it got no answer (although quite a few views):

I have also filed a issue on Github at:

I would love to know if Odoo core dev is willing to support making Odoo WCAG2 compliant? I would also love to have any info on what has already been done with accessibility.