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Creating a docker image of odoo with some modules already installed

- 10/12/2016 20:45:44

Hi all

I am Larry, a software engineering intern. I need to create a docker image of odoo with some modules preinstalled for our implementation. I am new to both docker and odoo and am looking for some guidance on moving forward. I am hoping someone in the community has already done something. 

What I have done is pull the official odoo from docker hub, run it and installed all the modules we'll need. And did some customization(change logo, and company name)

Saved the image to a tar file using the following docker command
 docker save -o <save image to path> <image name>

I saved both the postgres image and the odoo image. So in another machine I tried loading the images and I was expecting that it will still have all the configuration I did. That is, it will already have all those modules installed and also the company related customization. But after loading the image and running it, I had a fresh odoo instance. 

So how can I create and image with some preinstalled modules and custom configurations packaged in the image.

I. Larry Ndumbe

Software Engineering Student, University of Buea
OpenMRS Volunteer Developer,
Google Summer of Code 2016 Student,
Odoo Implementer