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Houssine BAKKALI
- 04/28/2016 06:19:57

reposting the same question again and again won't help getting an answer. I'm even tempted to delete mails from you as soon as they reach my mailbox...

Then you should try to understand what you're a doing cause there is probably no chance that a search method rise a sql error on a insert statement.

So once again read the documentation, you'll probably learn lot of thing and save the others time

2016-04-28 12:07 GMT+02:00 omar frikha <>:
hi comminity,
I use this method ORM :
self.env products = [ ' product.Product '] . Search ( [ ( ' product_tmpl_id ', ' =' , ) ] )

to get a product list
but this generate this error: 
openerp.sql_db: bad query: INSERT INTO "product_template" ("id", "list_price", "color", "uom_id", "sale_ok", "purchase_method", "purchase_ok", "sequence", "company_id", "track_service", "uom_po_id", "type", "sale_delay", "active", "categ_id", "rental", "tracking", "invoice_policy", "create_uid", "write_uid", "create_date", "write_date") VALUES(nextval('product_template_id_seq'), '1.00', 0, 1, true, 'receive', true, 1, 1, 'manual', 1, 'product', 7.0, true, 1, false, 'none', 'order', 1, 1, (now() at time zone 'UTC'), (now() at time zone 'UTC')) RETURNING id
Help me, please , thank you

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