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Re: Migration tools from another ERP?

Dave Ellison
- 10/20/2015 04:32:59

Odoo's web import is actually quite useful. What I would suggest is to create an instance with demo data, then export that demo data as import compatible and use those as templates for getting data out of your current ERP. Writing your own translation shouldn't be too hard, but you need to check that it is not multiple tables being used when transferring the data across. That is where testing an import from your ERP manually will help identify the relevant tables. If you need professional help and it's an ERP others here have experience with. There may be companies here who can help with the Migration.


On 20/10/15 00:27, Michael Watchorn wrote:
<blockquote cite="mid:COL401-EAS20869DC462EF2D066D7C2EEE73A0@phx.gbl" type="cite">
We currently have a closed source ERP.  I'm wondering what tools my fellow community members use to migrate from existing ERP systems? (Talend? Odoo's web Import? Custom modules?)
During our transition phase I hope to replicate from the closed-source ERP to Odoo each night to help with training. The manual web import screens make that almost impossible (too slow, and manual) so I'm hoping for other "tried and true" options.
Does anyone have a list of the order of dependencies for all main apps?
Thanks Michael Watchorn

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