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Re: Migration tools from another ERP?

Nicholas Burdick
- 10/19/2015 23:06:13

While doing our migration, we ran a combination of using the CSV imports (for things like Chart of Accounts, Units of Measure, Product Categories, etc.) and also a heavy use of XML-RPC python scripts.  I will say, when I first starting migrating to Odoo, I had grand schemes of bringing all the history with Orders, Order lines, Invoices, etc… but that proved to be really unruly to link everything up.  In the end, we made a solid break from our old system and just brought in what we needed to create new orders (things like Customers, Suppliers and Products).  

Greg Moss over at First Class Computer Consulting has a video on writing an XML-RPC Python script that I recommend you check out.  It’s from a few years ago, but still pertinent. 

I haven’t used an ETL personally, but I know there are a lot of folks out there who integrate them with Odoo.

Best of luck,

On October 19, 2015 at 4:27:37 PM, Michael Watchorn ( wrote:

We currently have a closed source ERP.  I'm wondering what tools my fellow community members use to migrate from existing ERP systems? (Talend? Odoo's web Import? Custom modules?)
During our transition phase I hope to replicate from the closed-source ERP to Odoo each night to help with training. The manual web import screens make that almost impossible (too slow, and manual) so I'm hoping for other "tried and true" options.
Does anyone have a list of the order of dependencies for all main apps?
Thanks Michael Watchorn

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