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Re: PyPy (it work's !)

- 07/24/2015 04:50:44
On 09-06-15 19:29, Nicolas PIGANEAU wrote:
> Yes, I guess you are right, it seems that CPython is best on database stuff and PyPy on Python.
> Here are my latest findings:
> - First of all, amauryfa's cffi version of lxml does not compile on PyPy 2.6 with cffi 1.1
> ( It's a pity because it seems that this project
> is not very active recently.

Hi Nicolas,

I'm terribly sorry for the late reply. I only noticed your e-mail today
(it disappeared in a long bunch of other Odoo mails).

It's pretty coincidental, but I'm getting into CFFI next week, because
I'm rewriting a Python script as a C++ module.

If people are still interested in PyPy + Odoo, I could have a look into
the lxml cffi versions after I rewrote npTDMS in C++.