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Re: TZ in Odoo

- 07/14/2015 01:11:12
Le 13/07/2015 22:57, Ray Carnes - Implementation Strategy a écrit :
> In the top right hand corner of the web client is the name of the
> currently logged in user, with an arrow beside it.
> Click the arrow and select ‘Preferences’.  From here, the timezone of
> the current user is set/changed.

Yes, but change that to whatever you feel like it, and you'll see
nothing happens (except probably a warning sign about a mismatch between
your configuration and your browser):  All datetimes will be shown in
your OS configured timezone.  OTOH, if you change your OS preference,
you'll say both the warning and the datetimes will be changed to match
the user's OS preferences and not the user's Odoo preference.