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Re: TZ in Odoo

- 07/13/2015 17:29:26
Yes, I'd rather save something like "America/Havana".  This can be
easily managed with tools like pytz. I don't know if the UTC -> TZ at
the UI level is handled by a JS library or the browser itself, though.

Thanks and best regards,

Le 13/07/2015 16:57, Bevan Weiss a écrit :
> I don’t think explicit TZ information should be stored in the database
> for this situation.
> Instead the location should be stored in the DB, and then the viewing
> user could choose between viewing it in their local TZ, or the TZ
> associated with the scheduled location (or perhaps an entirely separate
> locations timezone).
> It’s possible for timezones to change for a particular location
> (normally due to political reasons… like the annexing of Crimea changing
> their TZ), which if using fixed TZ information wouldn’t be captured.
> A UI layer that can do UTC -> location specific time conversion would be
> of most value here.
> Regards,
> Bevan Weiss