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Redirect behind https proxy not working

IDN Communications, Mark Meadows
- 07/01/2015 15:23:12
I am using the following code in a controller and it works fine for http but not for https:

@http.route('/client_crm/access/', auth='user') 
    def index(self, **kw): cr, uid, context, registry =, request.uid, request.context, request.registry mdl_wac = registry.get('wrapper_allclients.wrapper_allclients'); url = mdl_wac.allclients_user_url(cr, uid) return werkzeug.utils.redirect(url)

So this controller does a redirect to an external url.  I have an apache proxy setup for both 80 and 443.  Everything else Odoo works on both ports but this.  The behavior is this:

On http:
redirects to

On https:

redirects to

So the path and query string are correct but for some reason when on https it removes the domain and replaces with odoo domain.

Best Regards,
Mark Meadows