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Currency rates seems to be displayed in a TZ that does not match the users.

- 05/18/2015 18:31:39
In Odoo, the currency rate "name" column is now a datetime.  This makes
editing the currency rates a bit confusing.  Notice in the screenshot:

1. My current datetime is May 18 at 16:00.

2. The currency rate for May 18 at 00:00 is 1.134640

3. However the "current rate" is that of May 14 at 20:00.

So the Odoo's current datetime is yet to reach the "May 18 at 00" which
makes no sense to my current view of the time.

Odoo's seems to save every datetime without tz information, so a
normalization must apply:  Everything should be saved in UTC but shown
in the user's tz.  Am I right?

However currency rates seem to violate that principle.

Any ideas?