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Test suite runner (was: Testing in Odoo v8)

Ben Finney
- 05/13/2015 21:19:47
On 14/05/15 02:23, Moises Lopez wrote:

> The community use travis.
> We are using next ci tools:
> , travis and shippable, last
> one with custom docker.

What test suite runner can I use as a developer of OpenERP modules?

That is:

* I write some custom Python code in a module, ‘modules/’.

* I write some Python ‘unittest’ test cases for the above code, in a 
separate Python unit test module, ‘tests/’.

* What test runner will, in a single step, run all the unit tests 
‘tests/test_*.py’ in the context of a test instance of OpenERP?

* To integrate properly with a continuous Integration tool, the test 
runner needs to exit with success when the test suite passes, and exit 
with failure (and a full log of what failed) when the test suite does 
not succeed.

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