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Re: Testing in Odoo v8

- 05/13/2015 08:55:40
Hi Moises,

By SQA you mean Quality Assurance?

I'm trying to setup a CI tool for our custom modules, which I'm in no
liberty to publish now.

Thus I need to run tests of my modules.  But what I see in the logs is
errors non-related to the tests but to some strange behavior that, at
least in the logs, indicates that tests are being run without a DB.

I'm trying to setup a Software Quality Assurance process myself.  I've
done in other projects.  Our script to run tests worked in OpenERP 7.0,
so I assume there's a change I need to apply either in my
script or my modules for this to work.

I'll keep searching to see where the error seems to happen.

Best regards,

Le 12/05/2015 20:07, Moises Lopez a écrit :
> If you have custom modules that don't have a SQA (with CI tools) process
> probably you will have many test errors.
> You can see runbot logs with official modules without errors:
> 8.0-tests-log