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Running multiple multi-threaded servers (not multi-process) against the same database

Adrian Merrall
- 02/12/2015 17:45:59

Has anyone in the community run multiple instances of the multi-threaded (not multi-process) server against the same database in production?

We know multi-worker is fine of course but because of the customer's platform choice (windows) we have to run multi-threaded and would like to run more than one multi-threaded server on different ports but point them to the same database.

I am mostly concerned about any locking in the multi-threaded server that may be happening but there may be other problems I am unaware of.

I am not concerned with managing sessions or similar.  All on-line users would access a single instance and the other instances would be used to run multiple cron processes simultaneously as a way around the GIL.

Any results, good or bad, from running this configuration in production would be appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,