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Re: Salary and Advantages under contracts

- 01/27/2015 22:10:52
Try installing Lunch Orders and Fleet Management too

On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 7:32 AM, Franz Bautista <> wrote:


I have 2 8.0 installations, 1 as Saas and the other on premise. On checking on premise

it shows:

Salary and Advantages

Wage 8000

Salary Structure Base for new structures

But for the Saas it shows

Salary and Advantages

Wage 8000.00

Salary Structure Base for new structures 

Reimbursement of travel expenses 0.00

Company car employer 0.00

Company Car Deduction for Worker 0.00

Miscellaneous exempt ONSS 0.00

Check Value Meal 0.00

Check Value Meal - by worker 0.00

Benefits of various nature 0.00

Net supplements 0.00

Net retained 0.00

Insurance Group - by worker 0.00

I checked the modules installed and they are the same. Any idea what else I need to install on premise so I can get same items as Saas?

Appreciate the help.


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