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Re: Edit domains with new API onchange

Pedro M. Baeza
- 01/06/2015 05:52:04

But don't put, because the return value will be encapsulated in a list.


El 06/01/2015 08:31, "Guewen Baconnier" <> escribió:
On 01/05/2015 06:12 PM, Leonardo "LeartS" Donelli wrote:
> With the old API, in an onchange function I could return a dictionary
> with a 'domain' key to alter the domain of a field dynamically based
> on the changed field. How can I do this with the new API?
> Here's the concrete example I'm working on: I've added a selection
> field to products for their shelf life (fresh, dry, maybe others in
> the future) and a similar selection field to sale order (goods_type:
> fresh, dry, mixed, maybe others in the future).
> I want the domain of the product_id field of the order lines to change
> according to selected goods_type of the sale order: fresh ->
> ('shelf_life', '=', 'fresh'); dry -> ('shelf_life', '=', 'dry'); mixed
> -> no domain
> Any ideas?
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You can still return a dict from the methods decorated with
@api.onchange, either with a 'domain' or a 'warning'.

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