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Protect and Monetize your YouTube Channel

by Kelsie Epic <kelsie@get-epic.com> - 07/09/2014 18:28:13
I'm not sure if you've ever heard about the YouTube network partner program, but I'm a recruiter for the Epic Talent Network and would like to invite you to apply your channel for partnership. If you ever wondered how to make revenue from your channel, this is your chance! 
Our network consists of over 2,000 premium YouTube channels and dedicated partner managers to support the development of your channel and help you earn revenue. Members of our network include YouTube music stars, Vlogers, sports and specialty channels - even Power Ranger collectors. 
Epic partners will have all of the customizable partner features unlocked in their accounts, and in addition receive:
  • Video Copyright protection – If someone is using your video, we can assist you in taking action
  • Ability to MONETIZE videos with the highest performing ads 
  • Unlimited access to a premium music and sound effects collection consisting of thousands of assets 
  • Video SEO and channel optimization support
Get started applying now at http://www.epictalentnetwork.com
Keep up the great work and I hope you will join our community.  Feel free to e-mail us, or call 323-426-6025 from 9 - 5 p.m. Pacific Time. 
All the best,