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Jose Manuel Delpino
- 01/26/2015 12:40:01

Dear Charline,


I´m a teacher in Universidad Europea de Madrid. I worked with OpenERP last year in my subject Information Systems, and I would like try it again this year, but we just can use it during 2 weeks. How can we use during more time? Is possible it having an educational license during 2 months?


Best Regards!


José Manuel del Pino Fernández


Investigador / Docente

Departamento de Electromecánica y Materiales

T (+34) 91 211 51 09

Universidad Europea



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De: Charline Louis (clo) [mailto:clo@mail.odoo.com]
Enviado el: miércoles, 21 de enero de 2015 11:47
Para: Teachers - Education Program
Asunto: Re: Teachers - Education Program


Dear teachers, 


As indicated in the new conditions of the Education Program, you agreed to add on your school's website, a note about Odoo and a link redirecting the visitors to the Odoo Module that you use.
For example you could add something like this: " The course of 'Business Management' is given on Odoo CRM and Odoo Accounting"


Can you please do so and send me a mail to "education@odoo.com" with the link of your school web page talking about Odoo?

If by the end of February I don't receive a link for each school part of the program, I'll be oblige to close the accounts.


Thank you for your comprehension, 


I stay at your disposal via education@odoo.com if you have any questions.


Best regards, 




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