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Re: Odoo 9.0 terms on Transifex !

Martin Trigaux (mat)
- 08/27/2015 17:39:25
The new way to split string should not lead to worse translation. As I said in my first message, you have two cases:
- full view where it was split by tag so that a sentence with a word in bold in the middle was cut in 3 parts (that was bad for translations where the word order matter), now will be kept in one paragraph.
- some XML content (e.g. mass mailing content) where it was one big translatable term, now it will be per paragraph

Technically, we have made the processing more coherent. Each html field (except the one containing mako like email template body) is using the 'xml_translate' split mode which is the division per meaningful block on content. This way we will get smaller translatable block for bigger content.
By meaningful block of content, we mean that we ignore some inline attributes considered as "form only".

On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 8:52 PM, Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero <> wrote:
We have win a 4%, but it's still too low I'm afraid, but if you say that there's no other solution due to the new translation string handle...

I'm also wondering if this string split can lead to a worse translation because it splits some sentences that makes the translations with no meaning without the full context. There's sometimes also that the word ordering in each language is different. Can you ellaborate a bit more how this split works?


2015-08-27 20:42 GMT+02:00 Martin Trigaux <>:
There were some issues with Transifex synchronisation however it should be fixed now ( so I am a bit surprised about the low percentage.
Probably due to the new way to split the XML that made a lot of smaller string instead of a huge one.

On Thu, Aug 27, 2015 at 6:52 PM, Pedro Manuel Baeza Romero <> wrote:
Hi, Martin, good to know that we are approaching the release date.

Is it normal to lose half of the translations from v8 to v9? Are there so many changed terms? Or maybe translations are not synchronized since some time ago?


2015-08-27 17:07 GMT+02:00 Martin Trigaux <>:
Hello translators,

The version 9 is not released yet but it's only a matter of weeks now!
As for every new release, we have published the application terms a bit 
in advance. This way the translators can already have a look at the new 
terms and start translating Odoo 9.0 before the official release.

The number of terms has increased to about 27k terms (22k for 8.0) which 
can be explained by the higher number of modules (272) or the different 
way we process the XML documents (see below).

The new project is accessible at the following URL

The teams are preserved, so no need to rejoin teams, you can start 
translating for Odoo 9.0 as you were already for 8.0 (if you weren't 
this is a good occasion to register on Transifex ;-))

As a reminder, people wishing to test the future version 9 can have a 
look at the development version at:

As the version 9 is not released, the terms are not definitive yet! We 
still have some changes to integrate in the next few days. Most 
(accounting, point of sale,...) are already there but there is a few 
(mostly sale-related) that will come in the next days.
As much as we would love that translators start working on the new 
version as soon as possible, keep in mind that some terms _will_ change.

Bad Source
However, if you notice some errors (typo, bad English, not clear enough 
sentences, too technical), now is the *perfect time to report it*!

As you may know, once the version 9 will be released, we will freeze the 
terms and we will not modify it anymore without risking to break 
existing translations.

So if you think some 8.0 terms are unclear (and still present in 9.0) or 
you notice some problems in current master, don't hesitate to leave a 
comment to report an issue on Transifex term or to create a pull request 
on GitHub to fix it.

As for version 7 and 8, the terms will be automatically synchronised 
with GitHub (probably weekly). Don't worry if your changes are not 
directly reflected into Odoo software.

Common terms with 8.0
While version 9 brings a lot of nice new features and refactoring, many 
terms are exactly the same as version 8. Luckily Transifex will import 
them and you will just need to validate it.
I say "will" because Transifex has currently an issue on Translation 
Memory making only a partial synchronisation (~30%) but it should be 
back to normal in a couple of days.

Differences with v8
The translation system has been improved in version 9.

First of all, you will see less incoherent terms. Some untranslatable 
expressions (domains, code,...) was sometimes present in Transifex. This 
should no longer happen (or at least way less often).

Another important change is the way we process the xml content. For 
instance, when you translated the content of a mass-mailing campaign, 
you used to translate the huge HTML block in one shot (hard to read and 
hard to review). Now, these will be split into blocks on meaningful text 
(usually, per paragraph).

Similarly, in XML views, some HTML tags used to be split in a strange 
way. For instance, if your form view contained the text:

I use Odoo for my company

This was split into 3 blocks in version 8.0 (not easy to understand the meaning) but it will now be kept as a single translatable term. These two last changes will make the life of translators easier but has one drawback: as we do not process these terms the same way, some already translated HTML will need to be retranslated. About version 8 --------------- Don't worry if you are using and translating the version 8. We will keep maintaining it and synchronising the translations (as we still do for version 7). Once everything is set into place, we expect to have more activity on version 9 and will just reduce the frequency of synchronisation for version 8. Happy translating! -- Martin Trigaux Odoo (Formerly OpenERP)

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