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RE: server requirement for 50 users

Bejaoui Souheil
- 11/22/2017 08:59:32

Hi firas, 

Worker number calculation

  • Rule of thumb : (#CPU * 2) + 1
  • Cron workers need CPU
  • 1 worker ~= 6 concurrent users

memory size calculation

  • We consider 20% of the requests are heavy requests, while 80% are simpler ones
  • A heavy worker, when all computed field are well designed, SQL requests are well designed, ... is estimated to consume around 1Go of RAM
  • A lighter worker, in the same scenario, is estimated to consume around 150MB of RAM

Needed RAM = #worker * ( (light_worker_ratio * light_worker_ram_estimation) + (heavy_worker_ratio * heavy_worker_ram_estimation) )

More details on odoo documentation :
dbfilter. Odoo is a multi-tenant system: a single Odoo system may run and serve a number of database instances. It is also highly customizable, with customizations ...
Best regards

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Objet : server requirement for 50 users


I want to install odoo version 8 on ubuntu server i want to know the server requirement or recommended specifications for 50 users. 

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