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Re: You can not create a matched accounting entry.

- 04/04/2017 18:40:40
hola si soy de chile

El 04-04-2017 18:10, "Alexis Canahui" <> escribió:

Hola Sergio hablas español?

Alexis Canahui | Director General
Grupo Veraz

pbx.  (502) 2379-4300
m.     (502)  3003-9244
o.  Diagonal 6, 13-08 Z. 10, Ed. Rodriguez Oficina 102, Guatemala, Guatemala

El 4/04/2017, a las 14:01, Sergio Cabrera <> escribió:

Hi Guys!

I'm Sergio from Chile, and I'm playing with the Point of Sales, and when I try to close the session I get this Message: You can not create a matched accounting entry. When I Press "validate...."

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Hope you can help me.

Best Regards,

Sergio Cabrera Villarroel.
Ingeniero Informática
Gerente de Ventas y Servicios
String Ingenieria Ltda.
Teléfono: 9-61217973


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