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RE: Slow performance due to email

Antiun Ingeniería S.L., Rafael Blasco
- 11/15/2015 18:47:16



Are you using locahost email service? You must try it, the problem could be because you are using an external smtp provider as gmail.


In my opinion this is something Odoo must improve but in this moment the best you can do is install a postfix or similar in localhost and make that Odoo send to localhost and you localhost send to gmail


We had same problem






De: Erwin Kuschke []
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Asunto: Slow performance due to email


Hi Experts


I am struggling to find a solution for this problem. we have about 9  employees, where i added most of them as subscribers to the relevant teams for most of the actions ( eg Lead created, Lead lost, Lead won , stage changed etc)

I have also added an outgoing email server, with the intention of the user being emailed a copy of the relevant change on the subscription.


The issue i am having, is that i am facing extreme delays (30 seconds plus) upon changing the stage of an opportunity. It seems like Odoo directly interrogates the outgoing email server, sending one email at a time per person following the document.


Is there a way to force these messages into the Outgoing email box in order to allow the scheduler to send them?


Thank you


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