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Slow performance due to email

Erwin Kuschke
- 11/04/2015 07:35:20
Hi Experts

I am struggling to find a solution for this problem. we have about 9  employees, where i added most of them as subscribers to the relevant teams for most of the actions ( eg Lead created, Lead lost, Lead won , stage changed etc)
I have also added an outgoing email server, with the intention of the user being emailed a copy of the relevant change on the subscription.

The issue i am having, is that i am facing extreme delays (30 seconds plus) upon changing the stage of an opportunity. It seems like Odoo directly interrogates the outgoing email server, sending one email at a time per person following the document.

Is there a way to force these messages into the Outgoing email box in order to allow the scheduler to send them?

Thank you

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