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Need advices and good practices for management of sales tasks

- 09/14/2015 03:38:06
Dear All,

I'm turning to this mailing-list because I did not get a reply on the forum. I hope this is not out of purpose.

I could not find out a good way to manage actions/activities/tasks related to sales (mainly to Opportunities, ideally to Leads as well) in Odoo (v8)
I'd appreciate if one could share ones practices with me regarding the management of those tasks

When following-up with prospects' opportunities, there are many things to do and plan, at least the following:
* Meetings or Calls. Schedule a common action with the partner.
* Actions or Next Steps. Things which must be done and scheduled, but usually not with the partner and which can not be shared with the partner.

Odoo provides Meeting and Schedule a Call features. It works. And it shares the info with the partners and followers.
But from my understanding, Odoo does not provide any features to manage sales actions.

To make it more specific, in my mind those sales Tasks can be a simple action like "Call next week for news", or more complete activities such as "Prepare a memo" or "Send a quote", and can even be just a reminder to "Call next year".
All those actions are to be scheduled/promised for a Due date and assigned to a person (assume the salesperson). And there can be several tasks recorded and associated to an opportunity.
Ideally in our case, such action should be mandatory, unless the Opportunity or Lead is dead. And there should be a dashboard/recall of the sales Actions.

How do you manage these actions and next steps with Odoo ?

NB: If I have nice and relevant use case, I'd be happy to write them somewhere. It could be useful to others. If such information already exists, let me know.

Thank you very much

-- Laurent