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Mail templates in Marketing never translates

Antiun Ingeniería S.L., Rafael Blasco
- 08/14/2015 13:20:01

Hi all,


I write here because I cannot understand why we can translate mail templates in Marketing module if Odoo after that don’t send them in the proper language to customers. Example:


·         My company make business in 5 countries with 5 languages (Spanish, German, French, English and Polish)

·         I create an e-mail template in marketing for a promotion or for any commercial user and I translate this template in 5 languages.

·         I have over 500 hundred customers, let’s say 100 hundred per language

·         I send my campaign to all my customers and all of them will receive the same e-mail in the SAME languages.

·         So with Odoo … I must create 5 templates, each one in one language

·         After that I must segment by language my campaign

·         And I have to make 5 time the mass mailing

·         Is this correct?


Maybe I’m losing something.