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All Operations in V8 design

OpenERP Master
- 11/12/2014 22:47:56

This is my first thread! I have studied the new design for V8. Specifically the operations. I find the design to be different, and interesting, however I also find it to be very difficult to work with or customize.

Since all picking types now share the same core view, it seems not possible to specify fields for tree/form view on a receipt vs a fulfillment out. This isn't too bad. Some companies may not like this view model and find it cumbersome to use, it really depends on the company. I have worked with small companies, to very large companies and for some, this design wouldn't work at all.

The current design only appears to work as is and seems forced, meaning if one wanted to create separate classic style menus, you cannot because of the stock.picking.type relationship that holds the type and warehouse fields.

Overall, it just seems too difficult to customize for clients needs, and in my opinion it will not evolve well. I was looking for general feedback on the topic.