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Re[2]: Bug in WMS... MAYBE

- 10/17/2014 02:59:37
I would still be curious where the goods are located after the first transaction (receipt of goods) !!
Is this the correct location, or the wrong one ??
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I have attached some screen shots of the issue im talking about

The first image will show that I am trying to receive 3 different products. (4 lines) We add product as it is unloaded from the truck on a pallet by pallet basis. This is why you see 2 lines that represent the product "[R10WMFS] 10LB Food Service Mushrooms"

Note the 2 different locations for the incoming products:


Inline image 2

On the second screenshot you will see that not only did the 2 lines for [R10WMFS] 10LB Food Service Mushrooms get combind, the location for all products is set the the same, that being KMF/KFarm/K30.

i need the product being ttransferredto show as coming from the source location listed BEFORE doing a transfer.

You will also notice that on the second screen shot there is not the ability to even change the source location back the the original in the transfer screen.

.Inline image 1

Please help,


On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 7:42 AM, Zakaria Makrelouf <> wrote:
Im not sure if I really understand what you trying to say here, my answer will be as followed:
If you receiving items from an outside location ( either supplier or customer ), Odoo uses only one in  location ( the setting is in the warehouse remember you need 3 locations: in location , out location and stock location).
If you create an internal transfer ( btw internal locations ), you are able to specify the source location and destination location for each move line.
Hope that my answer will be helpful.

On Thu, Oct 16, 2014 at 2:57 PM, John Pia Jr <> wrote:

Yesterday I was configuring the warehouse management module, and when running a few test transactions I came across what I believed to be a bug.

When I create a transfer from an outside supplier , before I move those items in which I have received from a supplier, I associate multiple incoming locations with the various product. When I go to transfer the incoming product and put then in packs, the source location of the incoming product automatically defaults to the location all of the first product in the list of incoming products from the supplier.

For example when I am adding incoming products I will give product a incoming location of location A, and product B a source location of location B. However when I go to transfer these products, all products are  showing that the source of all incoming products is warehouse A.

I need the locations that I initially set to be carried over, when transferring product. I may be missing something, so if anybody is aware of the situation I'm talking about, please enlighten me.


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