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Re: MRP Requirements

by Remko Strating <> - 09/15/2014 08:18:03
Hoi Maxime,

I'm quite new for open erp and quite enthousiatic to support you with the new MRP module.

I have only one question how do you handle external operations.  At first glance I don't see the option for external workcenters and you can only purchase parts or should I define it like purchasing a service, but I want to plan external operation according the planning.  Should this then be a new requirement or should I build a new module for this.

I also see that MRP branche of OCA is stil empty.  When are you starting with development.


On 14-09-14 22:43, Maxime Chambreuil wrote:
<blockquote cite="mid:26278338.3146.1410727139486.JavaMail.root@mail" type="cite">
Hello everyone,

Thank you very much for your contributions on the MRP requirements definition.

I have updated the document based on your suggestions:

and tried to answer some questions on the pad:

I have archived content to the bottom of the pad. If you don't agree with the answer or still have questions, move the content above the Archives section with the other active points and open the discussion on this mailing list.

If some of you are not available to contribute now, please let me know when you will be.

Thank you very much. Have a great week!
Maxime Chambreuil
VP of the OCA