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Re: Clustering Requirements

Savoir-Faire Linux, Maxime Chambreuil
- 09/05/2014 09:40:28

I think I do, but if you continue your reflexion, it should have an impact on the requirements. I am following a very pragmatic approach here by sticking to user requirements. You can base them with all the reflexion and theory you want, at the end it should result in requirements. I am not qualified and I don't have the resource (time) to do some research. MRP has been around for years now and is mature enough, so I rely on community MRP experts with their expertise and experience to bring requirements and/or challenge them.

So far, it doesn't prevent other to contribute and suggest changes. So let's move forward altogether.

Maxime Chambreuil
+1 (514) 276-5468 #126

Hm, I'm not so sure, if I agree. I think I don't.
I'm not arguing for a requirement here, I'm arguing for clustering the existing requirements. 
This for the following reasons:
  • Theory based Structure of Discussion and Development
  • Lays out paradigms and premises
  • This way, I'm trying to argue to include management know how in general more profundly into the software. 
  • The question is "what should a user be able to do?" on the other hand there is a lot of theory "what the user should do?" - we (you) have the opportunity to include this knowledge. 
​Do you also see the value of this?​

Saludos Cordiales
David Arnold

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