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Put Away Strategy ignored for manufactured goods

Florian Baumann
- 02/11/2016 05:19:40

I am under the impression, that Put Away Strategies are used to sort
products into their respective default stock locations. Unfortunately,
this seems only the case for bought products and not manufactured

I tested this on a recent, minimal version (apps: MRP, Sales,
Purchase, Inventory) of odoo 9 from the runbot.

For example we have three products: ProdA, ProdB, ProdC. They have
categories CatA, CatB and CatC set, respectively. ProdA and ProdB can
be purchased and have the routes Buy and MTO. ProdC can be sold and is
manufactured (routes Manufacture and MTO) using ProdA and ProdB.

My warehouse has a location WH/Stock, with sub-locations WH/Stock/A,
WH/Stock/B and WH/Stock/C. WH/Stock has a Put Away Strategy, that
sorts CatA into WH/Stock/A, CatB to WH/Stock/B and CatC into

When I create and confirm a Sales order for ProdC, the MO to produce
it is created. The source and destination locations for raw materials
and finished products are both set to WH/Stock. As I expected.
The procurement and draft PO for ProdA and ProdB are created in
WH/Stock. When I confirm and receive the products from the PO, they
are correctly stocked into WH/Stock/A and WH/Stock/B, as expected, due
to the Put Away Strategy of WH/Stock.

Now, when I produce the ProdC and consume ProdA and ProdB, ProdC is
stocked into WH/Stock and not in WH/Stock/C! Even though I would have
expected it to be stocked in WH/Stock/C, due to the Put Away Strategy
configured in location WH/Stock.

Is it intended behavior, to ignore the Put Away Strategy for
manufactured goods and my expactations were wrong, or is this an
If this is indeed the intended behavior, what is the correct way, to
have the automatically created MOs have different product destination
locations, depending on the product manufactured.

Thank you very much in advance