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Re: Transfer two lines of the same product with different unit of measure

Eva Pinter, Eva P
- 12/04/2015 00:12:30
Hello Khalid,

Lot 12 is not a unit of measure.

It’s bad practice to use multiple units of measures in warehouse management. You should use packing instead. You pack x number of product in a carton, but still do goods issue with quantity x.

This rule is general and is not Odoo specific. Even, if you would use another UoM in the interface, you should only use one stock keeping unit of measure. Otherwise, your system will not be consistent.

Good luck

On 3 Dec 2015, at 20:47, Khalid LAKHSAM <> wrote:

Hi Community,

I have a stock picking (delivry) with 2 lines of the same product but in different unit of measure.

Line 1 :   Product A        unit : Lot 12
Line 2 :   Product A         unit : Unit

If I transfer this picking I get the sum of quantity of 2 lines in default unit of product A.and I don't want this, I want in the tansfer windows with the 2 lines.

How to get this.

Thank in advance